• Be the Judge!  Choose the Winner! 

    This is your chance to choose the best Spicy Gyro Pizza Recipe and it’s only $2 for a Huge 1-Pound Pizza Slice!  All Weekend Long, $2 Huge Slices of Spicy Gyro Pizza (Walk-In Only Special)!  Our Culinary students have been working extra hard to create the best Spicy Gyro recipe and now you get to choose the winner!  The winning pizza will be on the next menu!


    Friday thru Sunday, Frato’s will have a different Spicy Gyro Pizza, per day.  See below for the pizza descriptions and help our Culinary Students know who did the best!

    Come by all 3 days to try them all!  $2 Massive 1-Pound Spicy Gyro Slices all Weekend Long! (avg slice weights 15-17 oz)

    Friday, August 5th(Spicy Gyro Pizza #1):  Fresh Onion, Tomato and Premium Fatima Foods Gyro in the Chef’s Habanero Garlic Pizza Sauce with Thin Sliced Celery and Fresh Garlic.  Ask for Free Tzatziki Sauce on the side to dip it in!

    Saturday, August 6th (Spicy Gyro Pizza #2): Frato’s Blend of Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese with Frato’s Habanero Garlic Pizza Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Premium Fatima Foods Gyro, Hot Giardiniera and Tomato then Oregano and Black Pepper sprinkled on top. Ask for Free Tzatziki Sauce on the side to dip it in!

    Sunday August 7th (Spicy Gyro Pizza #3):  Premium Fatima Foods Gyro, Hot Giardiniera, Tomato and Onion with the Chef’s Habanero Garlic Fennel Pizza Sauce and the Chef’s Blend of Cream Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese.

    Come taste why Culinary Students start their career and come to train at Frato’s!