• 50/50 Juicy Burger Patties!

  • Made by Hand by a REAL Culinary Team!

    Do you realize how many restaurants are using frozen patties shipped in from who know's where?  You'd be amazed at what places you thought made their patties by hand are instead shipping in something from a factory, filled with chemical flavor enhacements and preservatives.  

    Frato's Culinary Kitchen makes our Delicious Applewood-Smoked Bacon & 100% Angus Beef Patties by Hand!  All Items come in Fresh!  

    Order any Burger with Frato's Bacon & Beef 50/50 Patties.  You also have a choice of All Beef, Salmon, Chicken and Handmade Veggie Patties! 

    Order Frato's Catering where we take those 50/50 Patties and bake them with Frato's Marinara for Meatball Trays and Meatball Subs