• Frato’s Culinary Internship Program

  • As a Culinary School Restaurant (CSR), we have a passion for helping and teaching people. 


    The fact is we can't hire everyone, especially as a small business.  Some times distance or scheduling conflicts make it harder to hire as well. 


    Here's the solution. 


    Frato's Internship Program.  We Pair you up with a Trained Culinary Leader and you train alongside them.  1 on 1 training! 


    You set your own schedule during a 3 month internship program.  We approve of your schedule by pairing you with a culinary leader who works with you 1 on 1. 


    We can cover the following areas:


    Cook and Prep Skills:

    • Line Cook/Kitchen Ticket Training
    • Prep Cook/Knife Skills & Recipe Training
    • Stone Oven Pizza Cook & Dough Training


    Manager, Marketing and Sales Skills:

    • Manager and Customer Service Oversight Training
    • Instagram and Social Media Marketing Training
    • Business to Business Outside Catering Sales Training
    • How to Start a Restaurant, Catering Company & More

    Ready to Learn?  Apply Here