• Start your Own Catering Company with Frato’s Entrepreneurship Program

  • You can be an entrepreneur and we take all the financial risk!

    Work for yourself, be an entrepreneur without having to worry about all the headaches of paying rent, paying staff, buying equipment, maintenance costs, purchasing inventory or needing any upfront money at all. You work hard, we cover all the costs!

    When you go to work, do you have a sense of purpose and value? If not, maybe it's time to build something for yourself by becoming an entrepreneur!  Build a real income for yourself with customers that love you!


    Short Summary:

    Brand New Program! Start your own catering company with no money down!  You don't need to hire a trained staff or pay rent! We handle it all! This is the first-of-a-kind offer. We invest in you, we train you, you acquire catering customers, we help you service the orders. You can become a catering entrepreneur without having to invest any money! You just need to believe in yourself and work hard! Nobody else offers this opportunity! This is similar to owning a franchise without needing any money to do it. You must bring the right skills to the table though!

    You start at 10 to 15 hours a week developing a territory.  If you listen to our step by step process, you will develop your territory very fast and turn this into a full-time position.  You need a passion for cooking, a passion for meeting people and the ability to be organized.  The rest can be taught with our very simple program that can make you into a legitimate entrepreneur in control of your destiny! 


    More Program Details & our Support System:

    Frato's Culinary Kitchen in Schaumburg is a unique business model that includes a QSR for training and a Catering division for the best of the best. You would be apart of the Catering division at www.FratosCatering.com. It a unique chef-driven business that allows you to start your own catering company with us supporting you every step of the way! You don't need the business experience or money. You need to build the relationships with potential customers and we teach you how to do it. You need to lead the culinary team, we supply you the trained cooks.

    If you've tried to do catering out of your home, you'll realize that almost every single catering customer doesn't want to work with you simply because you are not established. You are not credible in their eyes when you're working out of your home. You don't have a proven team and infrastructure behind you. That is where we come in. You use our infrastructure to, essentially, become a franchise owner without any money down. Nobody else offers this.

    Frato's assists you with taking the orders. We handle the purchasing, online ordering infrastructure, online marketing, accounting and all the fun (sarcastic) tasks that the Government requires just to operate a business. You build relationships, you make food. We simplify your tasks to allow you to succeed.

    Upon receiving an order, you lead a catering team and we supply you the trained members. You don't have to hire! You don't have to worry about the legalities of owning a business You can use our menu or your craft your own over time so it is unique to you!


    You must have at least 3-5 years of Chef experience and an accredited culinary arts degree or be able to demonstrate your ability to cook with a proven resume in this industry. You must display the ability to socialize and communicate effectively. If you are unable to make a stranger smile, you might not be cut out to be an entrepreneur. Your passion to cook and passion to meet new people should be important to you.

    You must display your ability to be organized. 

    We are investing in you, so we need to make sure you have the background that will allow you to succeed in the catering world. We train you every step of the way and that is expensive to do. We need to believe in you as well as you need to believe in yourself.

    We help you become a business owner by doing all the behind the scenes work, so you only need to build relationships with your customers and help lead a qualified culinary team of cooks to fulfill your orders. The hardest work, we already handle for you.

    We pay you a guaranteed hourly wage and we pay you a commission on everything you sell. As your business grows, you can decide to take more control of it with less support from Frato's. At that point, you will receive a higher compensation since Frato's is no longer paying the fee's needed to support your business.