• "Wow! I have never had a pizza like this before, such a unique combination!" - Mayra Z Yelp Elite

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  • Officially Coming to Frato's on Friday June 9th, 2017!


    Frato's Culinary Creations Presents: Prime Rib Pizza!

    Slow Cooked Prime Rib with Red Wine Marinated Mushrooms, Wisconsin Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese, Garlic & Olive Oil Marinated Green & Red Peppers with a Horseradish Remoulade Drizzle over a Beef-Infused Fennel Sauce.

    Our Culinary Students have been hard at work preparing this very expensive-to-make pizza! They have been training very hard and learning how to make this pizza consistently yet fast in our traditional stone pizza oven. Learn more about Frato's Culinary Training Program Here.

    This pizza is very expensive and time-consuming to make that it does not qualify for many of the usual pizza specials. This is a gourmet specialty pizza above all others!

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    Next Up: Prime Rib Salad!


    Instagram PRIME RIB Foodie Reviews:

    @ChicagoFoodAffair: So guys... I love pizza. And I love prime rib. When I heard @fratospizza was thinking of combining these two magical aspects of my foodie life, I instantly jumped on THAT opportunity! Coming soon to Schaumburg, you can try it yourself - a beautiful beautiful beast.. as well as my other addiction: fried pizza dough

    @plurf3ktion - Hopefully I can keep this review short! Frato's Pizza offered a free Prime Rib pizza to a handful of foodies and I got to get one myself. It's not on their menu (yet) but it was SOOOO GOOD. My boyfriend doesn't like mushrooms and even he liked it! The horseradish remoulade doesn't give off a strong horseradish taste for those who don't like it. The pizza was hearty for sure. Lots of toppings and it came fresh out of the oven to me. I loved that it had big chunks of the prime rib because I'm big on meat on my pizzas. There's other pizzas on their menu that I have yet to try but they never fail us. Keep doin' what you're doing @fratospizza ✌#pizza #primerib #special #foodie #foodstagram #nomnom #italianfood #meat #foodreview #fresh #roselle #schaumburg


    @callmemisterb "Had a chance to try the soon-to-be-on-the-menu Prime Rib Pizza from @FratosPizza in Schaumburg. Wow! Big pieces of prime rib, flavorful mushrooms and peppers and a horseradish cream sauce over the top that gives it a little zip (but isn't overpowering). I've enjoyed the unique Frato's creations for years and this is deliciously perfect fit on an awesome

    Yelp Elite – MayraZ “Wow! I have never had a pizza like this before, such a unique combination! Who knew delicious pizza was right down the street?! I came in and picked up a special prime rib pizza (its not on the menu, but totally should be!). It had generous pieces of prime rib, with thick pieces of mushroom slices, peppers and a horseradish wing sauce mixture drizzled on top. At first I was worried about the horseradish being one of the ingredients on the pizza but when it was combined with the peppers and the special wing sauce it hit all the right notes. Everything about this pizza was perfect I had friends come over and join me and they loved it too, it was a crowd pleaser! I also found the pizza dough to be the right density, not too thick and doughy and not too thin. The crust was crispy, which is a huge deal to me since I love crusts. I also noticed while I was there that they have mac and cheese pizza! Mac and cheese is my favorite on pizza so ill be back to try it. While waiting for the food Chef Edward from Frato's struck a conversation with my boyfriend and me. He informed us about Frato's fresh ingredients used to make their food, we could sense his passion throughout the conversation. He told us they hire students interested in culinary arts to work, the goal is to help them learn and inspire them in the pursuit of their culinary dreams. I love businesses that give back to the community, this is one of them! “

  • Coming Soon: Cold Prime Rib Steak Salad!

    Slow-cooked Prime Rib Steak, Diced Wisconsin Mozzarella, Fresh Baby Spinach and Romaine, Sliced Red Onion, Garlic Seasoned Croutons, Sliced Tomato 🍅, Raspberry Balsamic Dressing.