• Update 5-2017

    Thank you to District 211 for the great honor in recognizing Frato's Pizza & Catering for our work with the schools.  At Frato's, we volunteer our time to teach the kids.  We help challenge the kids to have fun in school and learn (like our recent Pizza competition).  We help donate food to underprivileged families in need of assistance and so much more.  It's truly an honor when our sacrifice and efforts are recognized.  We also want to return the favor and recognize all the great Teachers in District 211, particularly Mrs. Kerry Frost from Schaumburg High School, who has shown a true commitment to teaching that goes above and beyond.  She cares about her students developing and that makes for a great relationship with Frato's and our Community Belief System. 

    Link to Frato's being honored at the District 211 Board of Education Recap


  • Frato’s believes in being a leader in the Community despite only being a self-funded independent business with limited resources. Our customers support us and we try to make our community better for it. We do what we can.  So, when you support Frato’s, you support our Community!
    community responsibility

    We not only help as best that we can on a financial/monetary level throughout the community, but we train & employ culinary/hospitality students and volunteer to teach at your local schools as well as help with inspiring future Chef’s and Restaurant owners with competitions. We support our teachers and give the kids in our community a real world business experience to learn from.

    When you support Frato’s, you support our ability to give back. Thank you for giving us the ability to give back! (continues below)
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    We also believe in supporting various charitable organizations over the years including, but not limited to:

    When you dine with Frato’s, you support all these causes we attempt to support as well. Frato’s is ONLY capable of this because of you, our customer! That means, while Frato’s is making many of the donations, it’s really you that it’s coming from. So thank you for your help. If you feel we are missing your local Charity/Community Event, please contact us by clicking here and filling out the form.