• Frato’s Culinary Kitchen – Schaumburg

    Where Culinary Students come to Train! Real Cooks, Real Food, Authentic Cooking!

    IMG 4995 EDITFrato’s Culinary Kitchen is the brand name that oversees two different segments.  Frato’s Culinary School Restaurant and Frato’s Catering:


    Frato’s Culinary Kitchen believes in both People and Product, not solely Product. Frato’s Restaurant is a Community CSR (Culinary School Restaurant) that serves as a training ground for passionate young culinary students.  The CSR is made up of 80% Culinary Students and 20% Culinary Leaders with a casual-fun menu ranging from Chicago Classics like Vienna Beef Hot Dogs to Handmade 50/50 Bacon-Beef Burger Patties and Handmade Pizza using a Traditional Stone Pizza Oven. Culinary Students are novices that have entered culinary college or are about to enter culinary college (Elgin Community College, College of DuPage, Kendall College, Harper College, etc…).

    The Culinary Leaders train the Culinary Students on everything ranging from how to prep your food from scratch, how to properly season and cook your meal using traditional cooking methods, how to take orders, how to properly handle a busy dinner rush, etc… Businesses should solve problems. This solves the problem in the industry of training for these young students that truly need it. Restaurants do not train, but Frato’s does (and yes, it’s very expensive to do!).


    Frato’s CSR has a very important Quality Guarantee that we stand firmly by.  Our design of fresh food from scratch (not frozen pre-seasoned, pre-cooked food) using traditional cooking methods (not conveyor belts and technology cooking) puts us at a higher risk for Young Culinary Students accidentally overcooking your fries or under-seasoning your burger.

    Please Help us train them like you would your own kids!  Just reach out to a manager if they ever make an honest mistake as soon as possible, call us at 847-895-2122 or Email Management at FratosPizza@gmail.com and we’ll offer to remake it for free, give you additional free food/credits, etc…. We are very serious about teaching culinary students and making you happy at the same time!  We believe we can do both!  Just reach out to us, we’ll take care of it!


    Frato’s Catering utilizes 100% Culinary Leaders, 0% Culinary Students.  Culinary Leaders are made up of Assistant Personal Chefs and Frato’s Approved Personal Chefs!  These individuals have gone through a very long training program to graduate to this level! Now they train to handle 1000+ Person Corporate Events, Special Weddings or a simple drop-off catering for a Birthday or Office Party with a menu that ranges from Handmade Pizza to Red Wine Marinated Brisket!  This training structure allows Frato’s to control our caterings at a higher level than other caterers!  Every Catering is handled by your very own Personal Chef!  It is even delivered by a Personal Chef!  Learn more about Frato’s Catering Here