• Classic Frato’s Sandwiches!

  • Enjoy the return of Frato's Vienna Beef Maxwell Street Polish Sausage with a special on Fridays & Saturdays.  Get a Maxwell Street Polish and FREE Fresh-Cut Fries for 3.99 both days!

  • Frato's is bringing back a little history at 1 Great Price!


    Frato's Classics!  All Frato's Classic Sandwiches come with FREE Fresh-cut Fries & the option to purchase drinks, such as Frato's Homemade Lemonade or Specialty Shakes at a special price! 


    Grilled Vienna Beef Chicago-Style Hot Dogs on Turano Bread, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Hand-Cut Chicken Sandwiches and Hand-Sliced Gyros!  All with FREE Fries!


    Now Available with Frato's Online Ordering, Mobile Ordering and Phone/Walk-in orders (not available with third party ordering like Grub Hub) and FREE Local Delivery!