• Frato’s Handmade Culinary Creations

  • NOTE: These items come and go, they are being tested to make the final menu. Please call 847-895-2122 to confirm we still sell any of the items listed below as they will change often.

    Some of you have asked, what is Frato's known for?  Is Frato's just another Pizza Place?

    Our Response: Frato's Culinary Creations!! -- We're Much More than just Handmade Pizza!
    All Items are Homemade and Fresh!  These Items may be limited time only.  For some of the items, we focused on introducing Healthier or Lighter Options.  For other items, we focused on Powerful Flavor & Creativity!

    All Items below are Delicately Prepared & Made by Truly Passionate Culinary Students, Every Single Day! Real Cooks, Real Food! Try Frato's Culinary Creations Today! We're more than just amazing pizza!

  • top
  • Flatbread
  • snack
  • wine
  • salad
  • Hand-Cut Made-to-Order Salads

  • tempura
  • chickenpita
  • Grilled Chicken Pita

    ~in the Chef's Olive Oil Marinade
    ~Can replace Pita with Bun
    ~Can replace Grilled with Breaded
    (Ask about our Halal Options!)

  • themedburger
  • Themed Burger of the Month

    Made with Frato's Creative Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Angus Beef Patties! Yes, they are blended together into one awesome burger patty!
    (switches to Chicago Bears Burger of the Week during the Season)

    See the Current Burger by Clicking Here

  • puff
  • icecream
  • mozzstick
  • glutenfree
  • Gluten Free Pizza

    Tired of paying for Gluten?!?  Try Frato's NEW Gluten Free Pizza Recipe!
    (Only available in 12" size)

  • sauce
  • Homemade Wing Sauces

    All are Homemade!

    Sweet Molasses BBQ Sauce (Mild)
    Sweet & Tangy (Mild)
    Whiskey BBQ (Medium) : Award-Winning
    Smokey Chipotle (Medium)
    Habanero Garlic (Hot)
    Ghost Pepper BBQ (Very Hot)
    Inferno Mustard (Very Hot)

    & More!

  • Veg Burger
  • Handmade Veggie Burgers!

    The BEST Veggie Burger you have EVER Had!  Seriously! 
    Unlike the rest of those places, our Culinary Students actually make this FRESH by HAND!

  • ParmGarlic
  • Parmesan Garlic Bites!

    Soft Chewy Pizza Dough Bites tossed in Homemade Garlic Sauce with Fresh Parmesan!

  • PizzaBurrito