• Halal Pizza, Gyro & Chicken!

  • Wings Prepped Daily by Chef-trained Culinary Students! Real Food, Real Cooks!

  • Halal Gyro Meat from Olympia Foods!  You now have an option for Halal Gyro at Frato’s! 

    1/2 Pound Gyro’s!

    1/4 Pound Gyro’s!

    Gyro Pizza Puffs!

    Spinach Gyro Specialty Pizza & Coming Soon: Spicy Gyro Pizza!


    Frato’s also has options for ISWA Certified Halal Chicken Breasts from Crescent!  (Not available for Bone-In Chicken Wings)

    Boneless Chicken Wings!

    Chicken Breast Sandwich (Bun or Pita)

    Diced Chicken on Salads & Pizza!

    Make any Double Burger into a Halal Chicken Sandwich Burger for no charge! (note: some burgers have bacon, so please read descriptions)