• Burger Foodies!  Here is your chance to work with our Frato's Chefs!  Completely FREE! Read and apply if interested! 

    Chicago Bears Burger Season is Coming Up Fast! 
    Frato's 2.0 (History after 2012) has been built on many things, but our Handmade Creative Burgers and Burger Patties have been a key foundational change as we moved to a made-from-scratch culinary kitchen.  Chef Ed loved creating new items and as you know, we were featured on WGN for our Chicago Bears Burgers (video above). 
    This year, who knows what will happen with the NFL season due to COVID.  Our burgers will continue though!
    We're doing something fun with Foodies this season.  We have paired our Chefs up into multiple teams.  Each team will be tasked with creating a monthly Bears Burger based on the opponents that month.  It can be based on the history of the town, the players, or other creative ideas you may have. 

    The catch is this year, we are bringing at least 1 Burger Foodie to each team!  You get direct access to our chefs, behind the scenes content you can post, and the ability to influence the burger creation while taste testing it before anyone else gets it! 


    Want to be a part of this?   Just email us at FratosPizza@gmail.com with your social media foodie pages and a very brief introduction to so we know you'd be a good fit for this! 

    Use Subject Title:  "BEARS BURGERS" when emailing.