• NEW Bears Burger of the Week: Atlanta’s Crown of Donuts Burger!

  • Today, Monday Oct 6th, starts Week 6 Chicago Bears Burger of the Week! Devour the Competition @ Frato’s Pizza in Schaumburg! (As Seen on WGN News!)

    ~What is the Bears Burger of the Week?? Every Week, Chef Ed creates a Bears Burger of the Week based on the Opponent we face (As Seen on WGN News). He takes into account the history of the town/state we are playing against and items that they are known for to create this limited availability Burger of the Week. Then he pairs it with a specific American-only Craft Beer (or Craft Soda) that complements the flavor well. Get the Bears Burger at Frato’s while you can, it changes the day after the Bears Game. DEVOUR THE COMPETITION!

    ~Week 6: ATLANTA’S CROWN OF DONUTS Burger (Atlanta Falcons) AKA the Krispy Kreme Donut Burger or the Homer Simpson D’oh Burger!

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    Official Bears Burger of the Week Page: http://fratospizza.net/menu/burger-of-the-week/

    2 Grilled & Juicy Handmade Chef’s 50/50 Bacon-Beef Patties (Can replace with 100% Handmade Premium Angus Beef Patties), the Chef’s Cheddar Cheese Grits topped with Applewood-smoked Bacon, Homemade Sweet Molasses Ketchup & held together by 2 Thick Krispy Kreme Donuts!

    Paired with Route 66 Craft Soda – Cream Soda (w/ Real Cane Sugar)!

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