• Hours of Operation:

    Temporarily Closed on Mondays due to an abundance of Catering Events

    Tues - Thurs: 11:00am - 9:00pm
    Fri - Sat: 11:00am - 10:00pm

    Sun: 11:00am - 9:00pm

  • Traditional Stone Oven Pizza

    Rated #5 Best Independent Pizzeria by Chicago's Best on WGN!

  • Call (847) 895-2122

    — Eat In, Curbside, Delivery, Takeout —

    Location: 628 S. Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL

    Email: FratosPizza@gmail.com


  • Dinner & Fights! Maximus & Frato's!

    Frato's Culinary Kitchen's Fastest Growing Division: Clean Eats Kitchen - Meal Prep (CEKChicago.com) has partnered with Maximus Promotions! Check Out Below for Details on Intense Amateur Fights, PPV & a [...]

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    FREE PIZZA ON 9-11-21

    Follow Frato's on Instagram and Facebook Sept 2021! This year, Frato's is trying to do something extra special for 9-11-2021.  We partnered with Wise Guys to offer FREE Pizza Slices for Fire, [...]

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    Follow Frato's on Instagram and Facebook July 2021! We have a NEW Record Breaking Burger at Frato's surpassing the record set by Frato's Chicago Prime Rib Burger (formerly known as the Air Jordan [...]

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  • What is a CSR Restaurant?

    Frato's Culinary Kitchen is the brand name that oversees two different segments.  Frato's Culinary School Restaurant and Frato's Catering:

    Frato's Restaurant is a Community CSR (Culinary School Restaurant) that serves as a training ground for passionate young culinary students.  The CSR is made up of 80% Culinary Students and 20% Culinary Leaders with a casual-fun menu ranging from Chicago Classics like Vienna Beef Hot Dogs to Handmade 50/50 Bacon-Beef Burger Patties and Handmade Pizza using a Traditional Stone Pizza Oven. Culinary Students are novices that have entered culinary college or are about to enter culinary college (Elgin Community College, College of DuPage, Kendall College, Harper College, etc...).

    The Culinary Leaders train the Culinary Students on everything ranging from how to prep your food from scratch, how to properly season and cook your meal using traditional cooking methods, how to take orders, how to properly handle a busy dinner rush, etc... Businesses should solve problems. This solves the problem in the industry of training for these young students that truly need it. Restaurants do not train, but Frato's does (and yes, it's very expensive to do!). 

    Frato's CSR has a very important Quality Guarantee that we stand firmly by......



  • Daily Pizza Special:

    Daily Special
    HUGE 1-Pound
    Pizza Slice & Lemonade
    Only $4.99!

    (each slice averages 15-17 oz)

    (Choice of Cheese,Sausage,
    Gyro, Pepperoni &
    Specialty Slice of the Day)