• It’s been 6 Years since new ownership took over the old Frato’s Pizza that many of you grew up with.  In 2012, Frato’s was on it’s pathway towards bankruptcy, having never adapted to the new environment and changes to what we eat.  Now, Frato’s is one of the top Independent Chicago restaurants, according to Chicago’s Best on WGN along with being named the BEST Mozz Sticks in the World by Only in Illinois Magazine!

    This is not an industry known for training and Frato’s breaks that mold with our Culinary Trainee Apprenticeship Program where we invest in passionate, but raw culinary students and teach them what it takes to grow in this industry.  Learn more about Frato’s Story here.

    It’s also Executive Chef Ed’s birthday this week, so for the entire week, we get to tell him how he looks 20 years older than he really is.  Really Chef, you do look much older than you are.

    What better way to celebrate all of this than with FREE Food Specials All Week!

    Thursday, March 15th.  Frato’s Monthly BOGO Pizza Special!  Now with our NEW Elk Grove HS Pizza Contest Winners!  Try the Loaded Ranch Tater Tot Pizza and the Chili Chili Bang Bang Pizza!  Congrats to all the winners!  See the Frato’s Monthly BOGO Pizza Page Here

    Lent Friday, March 16h!  Frato’s Introduces NEW CAJUN WAFFLE FRIES under the Online Lent Menu!  Use Coupon Code: CAJUN (all caps, no spaces) to get FREE Cajun Waffle Fries on Friday the 16th Only!  Must Order Online or from Frato’s Pizza Mobile Ordering Apps.  Must place at least 1 order of Cajun Waffle Fries ($5) in Shopping Cart before using the Coupon Code for $5 off.  Note: Cheese is extra charge

    St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, March 17th!  Frato’s Huge 1-Pound Pizza Slices for $2.00!  Try Frato’s Irish Reuben Bacon Pizza Slice for $2!  Also available: Gyro Slices, Pepperoni Slices, Cheese Slices & Sausage Slices. All a minimum of 1 Pound!  See Frato’s Monthly $2 Slice Special Page Here


    Reuben Sandwich Pizza with Bite

    Made with the Chef’s Specialty Thousand Island Alfredo Sauce, Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Vienna Beef Corned Beef & Wisconsin Mozzarella blended with chunks of Swiss Cheese.  Comes with a Side of Homemade Sauerkraut!


    If you like Frato’s Story, you’ll love Frato’s Catering!  The Best Culinary Students turned into Personal Chefs making all of your food from scratch!  Get a Personal Chef for your Catering Event Today at Frato’s Catering!

    Need to get on a diet after all this free food?  Try Frato’s Healthy Meal Prep Service!