• For the Big Football Game on Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2020!

  • Super Specials made by Hand in a Traditional Stone Pizza Oven!

    • Order an 18" Pizza Online (Under the Super Special 2020 Menu) and get 5 FREE Huge Homemade Mozz Sticks OR a Pint of Creamy Homemade Soft-Serve Ice Cream!

    • Order a 14" San Francisco 49er or Kansas City KC LOGO Pizzas!  Order the Team that Wins and you'll be entered into a $50 Gift Card Giveaway! (1 Entry per Winning Pizza Ordered)

    More Details Below!


    Please remember this is one of the busiest days of the year.  We can not guarantee delivery times for restaurant orders.  If you want a guaranteed time, please inquire at Frato's Catering with a dedicated Catering Team handling your order

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  • The Biggest Game of the Year on Sunday, Feb 2nd, 2020

    Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers!

    So we’re Bringing You Super Specials for this Super Game!
    Must Order Online or from Frato’s Phone Ordering App (Android or iPhone)

    LOGO PIZZA’S! – order and you may win a raffle prize!

    14″ Pizza. LOGO can be made with Pepperoni or Sausage! Please no customization, it’s too hard on a busy day like super bowl.
    Everyone who orders this online will be entered into a raffle. The pizza you order (yes you can order both teams) will be entered into a raffle if that team does win. The raffle winner will receive a $50 gift card! Every Pizza is an Entry!

    All Pizza Cheese is Frato’s Premium Blend of Creamy Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, Wisconsin Whole Milk Mozzarella and Provolone!

    Combine with FREE Local Delivery & Online Ordering Rewards Program!

    Must Order Online or from Frato’s Phone Ordering App (Android or iPhone)