• Order with Confidence and Make More Friends!

    Frato’s CSR has a very important Quality Guarantee that we stand firmly by. Our design of fresh food from scratch (not frozen pre-seasoned, pre-cooked food) using traditional cooking methods (not conveyor belts and technology cooking) puts us at a higher risk for Young Culinary Students accidentally overcooking your fries or under-seasoning your burger.

    Please Help us train them like you would your own kids! Just reach out to a manager if they ever make an honest mistake as soon as possible, call us at 847-895-2122 or Email Management at FratosPizza@gmail.com and we’ll offer to remake it for FREE, give you additional free food/credits, etc….(please note: our guarantee only applies when you contact us directly, it does not apply if you use a third party website to review instead of contacting us directly). 

    We are very serious about teaching culinary students and making you happy at the same time! We believe we can do both! Just reach out to us, we’ll take care of it!

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