• Chicago Bears Mike Ditka Sausage Pizza IS BACK DURING FOOTBALL SEASON! (As Seen on WGN News!).


    This is a true gourmet pizza! Grilled Vienna Beef’s Mike Ditka Sausage, the Chef’s Blend of Smoked Gouda & Mozzarella Cheese, Ditka Red Wine & Balsamic Vinegar marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes blended into a Specialty Pizza Sauce mixed with Fresh Garlic & topped with a variety of Grilled Sweet Peppers.

    New Seasonal Menu @ Frato’s Pizza! Bacon & Burgers! Bacon & Burgers! Bacon & Burgers! Order Online with Free Delivery! www.FratosPizza.com

    ~ALL Burgers are NOW made with the Chef’s Special Handmade 50/50 Bacon/Beef Patties! You can replace them with 100% Premium Handmade Angus Beef Patties, but you’ll definitely want the Unique Bacon/Beef Patties instead!

    ~The Return of the Ditka Burger & Ditka Sausage Pizza made with Premium Ingredients from Chicago’s Vienna Beef! (as seen on WGN News!)

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    ~NEW Chicken Enchilada Pizza

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    ~All Custom Pizza’s now have the option for Free Locally-Grown Basil to be added!

    ~NEW Vienna Deli Meat Pizza Option….try the NEW SPICY Vienna Deli Meat Pizza!

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    ~NEW Option for a Smaller Gyro. Now you can get a 1/2 Pound Gyro or a Little Gyro!

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