• Culinary Fight Club: Small Taste of Victory

  • Sometimes you miss a glorious victory by just one vote. Anyone who has ever tasted victory knows this feeling….you learn more from your losses than you do from your wins.

    We entered 4 of Frato’s Culinary Apprentices into a Culinary Fight Club, Inc. competition as the youngest culinary team in the history of the event. They were tasked with making a gourmet “tailgate” dish with ingredients they only had 45 seconds to grab. They made a phenomenal Bacon-Beef Slider with Homemade Lime Aioli along with a Grilled Carne Asada Skewer and a side of Tortilla Chips in Fresh Pico de Gallo. It was amazing.

    Nearly everyone was twice their age/experience level yet they were only one vote away from winning it all. One year ago they would never have dreamed capable of competing at this level. Over that year, they developed their skills within Frato’s Culinary Apprenticeship program towards becoming True Culinary Leaders. Our Culinary program helps solve the problem that happens to most culinary graduates. These graduates never rise above being just a production cook. We help fill in those gaps so they can develop the real world skills necessary to become more than just a cook….to become a real culinary leader.

    If the event was held again today, I have no doubt they would be able to make the slight adjustments necessary to win. They’ll be back and you will hear their names for many years to come

    I’m very proud of them. Until next time….

    Learn the Frato’s Story….turning Culinary Students into Chefs

    Special Thanks to Chicago’s Turano Baking Company for supporting these young chefs at the competition!