• Last month, Frato’s Pizza & Catering in Schaumburg did our Annual Holiday #PayItForward-style post that can be seen by clicking here. Once a year, we try to summarize our belief in being a Community Leader and thank all of our amazing customers for being the single biggest reason we can donate back to the Community.  To think, this was a business headed towards bankruptcy in 2012.  After purchasing and revamping it, it’s now one of the strongest Independent Restaurants in the area, Rated #5 Best Independent Pizzeria by Chicago’s Best on WGN!  We’ve come a long way, but still much more to do!

    Today, we have an update on that Annual Holiday post. We handled many smaller donations, but we recently handled a larger one with the help of Robert from K-9 Specialties in West Chicago, who volunteers his time to help the Homeless Shelter at 941 W. Lawrence Ave.

    Due to our great customers, Frato’s was able to feed 75 people at this shelter. Without our customers supporting us, we would not be able to handle such large donations. So, that means these donations are really coming from each and every one of you.


    Enjoy the video (below) and remember the “Thank You” from everyone is really going towards every single one of our customers that chooses Frato’s over all the other options you have.

    When you support Frato’s, you support our Frato’s Culinary School that employs & trains Real Culinary Students (Real Cooks, Real Food!), but you also support our Local Community!

    Happy New Year!

    PS…Great News…we have just committed to donate multiple times in 2017 to this specific Homeless Shelter. The larger Frato’s becomes, the more we will be able to donate. Thank you