• The I'm Fat Walk

  • July 2021!

    We have a NEW Record Breaking Burger at Frato's surpassing the record set by Frato's Chicago Prime Rib Burger (formerly known as the Air Jordan Tribute Burger). 

    The I'm Fat Burger!  Created by Chicago's Favorite Foodies: Jay Zawaski & Rick Camp from I'm Fat Podcast! 

    The Record Breaking I'm Fat Burger:  It all starts with 2 of Frato's Housemade 50/50 Smoked Apple Bacon & Seasoned Beef Patties covered in Shredded Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, Whole Milk Mozzarella & Sharp Provolone Cheese. Next, we add Tender Pulled Pork smothered in a spiced Whiskey BBQ Sauce. Then, we top that with an Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Buttered Bread Crumbs while adding another drizzle of Whiskey BBQ!  Finally, we need something thick to hold this MASSIVE Burger with so we are using Two Grilled Turano Thick-cut Texas Toast Slices!
    Jay & Rick have such a massive following and trust within the Chicago Foodie Community. They helped push foodies towards their delicious creation breaking the Chicago Prime Rib Burger Record with over a week left to build the record even bigger!
    As you can imagine, this has been a big surprise to us!  The Chicago Prime Rib Burger is simply incredible, but the I'm Fat Burger brushed it aside with ease! 
    So, we are going to bring you back the I'm Fat Burger via an I'm Fat 2.0 Burger in our next menu change (expected around Sept 15th, 2021).   We will be upgrading the Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Texas BBQ Smoked Brisket.
    I'm Fat is here to stay!  Do not miss out on their podcast.  If you are having a case of the Mondays, the I'm Fat Podcast is truly good entertainment to put a smile on your face and educate you on what's happening in the foodie world. 
    Expect more collaborations in the future!