• Order with Confidence!

  • We believe in Frato’s quality so much that we offer a Free Food GUARANTEE.

    If you are unsatisfied with your meal, have questions or comments, just contact us directly (ask for a manager) at 847-895-2122 or email ownership at FratosPizza@gmail.com. Please include your order information (so we can verify on our cameras/computer systems what may have went wrong) and we will offer you a gift card of equal value or remake your meal immediately.  Believe it or not, we actually care about your happiness.

    We handle hundreds of orders a day, primarily delivery and takeout, so mistakes can and will happen as we cook over 90% of the menu from scratch AND FAST. We still strive for perfection despite doing it the traditional way, WITHOUT automated technology and WITH Real Cooks.  That is a very challenging battle since the world has grown accustomed to commercialized equipment doing all the work for them.  Our staff uses skill instead of relying on technology. 

    It’s important to know, we do not, under any circumstances, offer this Guarantee/Free Food Offer to anonymous (read: fake) third party review systems (threats of free food or else you’ll be attacked online are unfortunately very real these days and since people can do it anonymously, it happens frequently enough to make a mention of it). 

    We’re busy making thousands of honest and sincere customers happy every week (the thousands that don’t have time for anonymous fake review systems, they return to our business as their positive review).  We’re also busy supporting the community and helping others

    If you actually have any issue at all, any feedback or questions, just talk to a manager by any method below.  It’s very simple, and we’ll show care and concern in resolving your question or concern.  We actually care about what we do and our support for the community. 

    You must contact us directly via email at FratosPizza@gmail.com, stopping by the restaurant, or calling us at 847-895-2122. 

    Order from us with confidence! We Guarantee your satisfaction!

    Rated a Top Independent Pizzeria by Chicago’s Best! Winner of WingFest for Best Wings! As Seen on WGN News!  Honored by District 211 for giving back to the schools!